Draleru Joseline Solomon


I am 33 years old. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from …… I have worked with the Office of the Prime Minister Adjumani Refugee Desk for …. as the Community Services Officer.


What inspires you in life?

As a Social Worker, I meet a lot of people in the due course of my work. I love to do something for someone that can make them feel better. I usually see women suffer in various aspects of life. I am happy to help women improve their livelihoods. Fortunately, the Government of Uganda has given women the liberty to exercise their rights just like men.


So how have you used this freedom to achieve your goals?

I am proud to reveal that I have been able to empower 380 refugee women in various settlements through training in leadership skills, Micro Financing, Management of cases, Importance of family planning and their rights. As a social worker, I am happy to have improved their lives. However, my interactions with different women has helped me not only learn from them through their stories but also learn so much about public service. 


What are some of the ways OPM, through you, of course, done something to inspire or motivate women of concern?

We have trained many women leaders which has made their work much easier by improving their self-esteem. As a result, more women are also now taking up more leadership roles. They no longer look down on each other or themselves. They now comfortably compete with men and are not afraid to express their opinions. More women are also now reporting cases of Gender-Based Violence to relevant authorities. Many women have also been empowered and motivated to take up economic ventures or activities in the settlements to support their families.


What do you have to say about this year’s theme of; “An equal world is an enabled world”?

To me, this simply means both women and men should be given equal opportunities that can lead to the former’s development in each aspect of life in their societies. To achieve this, I feel girls should be given equal opportunities as boys by doing away with any cultural norms that hinder their personal development especially the one that dictates that they are ready to get married as soon as they start their menstrual periods which pushes many greedy parents to stop paying their school fees and instead focus on looking for suitors and dowry.


In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge being faced by women and girls in Adjumani?

There is inadequate support given to girls during their education compared to boys. Most economically empowered women are also being battered by their men due to inferiority complex and mistrust.


What can/should be done to empower the women and young girls in Adjumani?

There must be Observance of human rights for the vulnerable group of people and improve the promotion of girl child Education as child protection concern.


Nominate two people you feel have done something incredible for their fellow women in Adjumani.

I nominated Candia Sharon (Radio Usalaama) and Esther Ajusi (Adjumani Town Council.)