The locals in Adjumani District arguably have the most heart throbbing Independence celebrations in Uganda. The anxiety and vigor with which the celebrations are held can probably only be compared to Christmas festivities. For a moment, you might be tricked to think that it has been less than 57 years since Independence. Right from the tailor, the hairdresser to the pupils in schools preparing for the parade, everyone has something to look forward to. It is most common with women and children. While the mother is preparing the best outfits and meals for her family to have on that day, she never forgets to dress up her hair too. Similarly, the child will begin to return late from school because they are practicing parade moves or some song that will be sung in honor of either the day or the guest of honor. And this is something that even those who are in conflict with their calendars will also notice. The month of October is usually ushered in with sounds of loud drums, little voices singing in school compounds in the evenings and conversations like “What are you wearing for Uhuru?”.

But something changed during this year’s independence, the Guest of Honor, the First Deputy Prime Minister said it was a good sign of patriotism to be excited about this day but it would make a lot more sense if locals used this day or the next celebration to reflect on what the district has achieved in the last 22 years after gaining independence from Moyo District and how those achievements can be maintained.

One such achievement he observed was the construction of Atiak – Omi road which he revealed would commence before the next year’s celebrations while the commencement of construction of Eraji bridge is expected to start early next year.

Hon Leku James Pili, the District Chairman, had earlier also informed the gathering that Adjumani having performed well in last year’s national assessment will benefit from Uganda Support for Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) even when the district is not yet a municipality. Under this, the Government will support the district in implementing an already agreed-upon physical planning framework that will among other developments include a leisure park in the town council.